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Al-Adeyat Technical services has established itself in 2010 throughout the Middle East & Arabian Gulf region as Refining and Petrochemical Commissioning and Startup (CSU) Services provider. Offering unique essential services such as Commissioning Management including Planning as well as Hands on Commissioning, solid provider of custom made detailed Commissioning and startup (CSU) procedures including normal operation and emergency, Checkout/Inspection/Validation, Training, Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation testing. We offer our services to grass root refineries (with all units from utilities to finished refined products) whether its hydrocracking based or Cat cracking based or both. We also offer our services to Petrochemical complexes such as Aromatics complexes and aromatics production facilities.

Al-Adeyat Technical Services through its HS&E (health ,safety and environmental) strict culture has gained unique experience in the Validation of the construction (punchlisting) of grass root refineries and aromatics complexes and building up a reputation as 3rd Party in pre-commissioning, Commissioning & startup Services, which has enabled a modern and adaptable approach to its business. A-Adeyat Technical Services has successfully brought about safe completion of commissioning and startup (CSU) activities, specialized engineering services, and post startup services such as Maintenance Turnarounds for various grass root refineries and Petrochemical complexes (Aromatics) across the Middle East and the rest of the world.

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